Value Leakage Case Study

Reduce Value Leakage in Outsourcing Contracts

Value Leakage costs 10%-40% of Value

Vendor Management Best Practices is all about maximize value. Even a well negotiated agreement supported by a top sourcing advisory firm can experience value leakage. A lot.

  • Scope Compression. Vendor abandons work and drives costs back to Client
  • Skills Creep. Vendor swaps out low cost FTE; or onshore/offshore mix changes over time
  • Underperformed Obligations. Vendor defers or ignores responsibilities such as reporting or refresh
  • Pay-to-Perform. Vendor drags feet on BAU work forcing client to pay Project rates to get work done in a timely manner.

Why Fine Line for Value Leakage remediation.

  • Self-funding. We have delivered over $114 in savings for every $1 in fees. We will save you at least 10x our fees.
  • "Bad Cop." Plugging value leakage is a "sharp-elbows" activity. Let Fine Line do the tough work so your team can preserve the relationship.
  • Experience. We have saved clients over $850M based on $12B in contracted services. We know where the gold is buried
  • Fair rates. We are 35%-50% less expensive than our venture-funded competitors.

You may have a value leakage problem if....

.....your Project spend is more than 15%-20% of your total spend with a vendor without a commensurate increase in capital budget and spending.

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