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Transforming to Unified Communications

Lync. Cisco UCaaS. Fine Line can help your company set a new global communications strategy; and then effectively execute.

  • Direct benefits of about $500/year for each employee including:
    • 14.5% reduction in capital costs
    • 12.3% reduction in telecommunications charges
    • 16.5% reduction in audio conferencing costs
  • Indirect benefits include (averages)
    • 3.2% increased worker productivity through enhanced collaboration tools and improved first-reach metrics
    • 4.5% reduction in travel expenses through more ubiquitous global connectivity fabric between employees
    • 5.5% improvement in customer management shorter hold times and single-reach phone numbers connect customers quickly

Fine Line Advisors can help you make the right decision for your needs, and guide you through executing your plan. We only represent your interests and can help you build a credible and sustainable business case; and ensure your supplier reliably executes and delivers a Unified Communications transformation.

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