Business Process Outsourcing Consultants - For every $1 spent on fees, Fine Line has delivered $132 in savings

Outsourcing is changing - fast. Clients are striking smaller agreements with much shorter durations. New suppliers are emerging on a daily basis. And automation is driving managed service costs down by over 30%/year.

Fine Line Advisors is a new breed of advisor. Our small size allows us to be nimble yet we have over 15-years (and $12-billion) in experience. Our portfolio of experience includes agreements as small as $1-million/year to over $400-million/year.

While there are other contributors, for every $1 spent with Fine Line Advisor principals have resulted in over $132 in savings.


Why use Fine Line instead of one of the larger Sourcing It Outsourcing Advisors firms?

  1. Reasonable Fees. Large advisories are venture-owned and charge up to $500/hour or more. Our rates are fair.
  2. Top Talent. We simply do not have a B-Team. We are small, and only accept projects that we can fulfill.
  3. Highly Evolved Contract Structures. Our library of experience is constantly informed and updated. Large firms only update their intellectual property every 3 to 5 years.
  4. Collaborative Approach. Traditional process is to create a solution in isolation. We believe suppliers have invaluable knowledge.