Supplier Termination Planning - choosing the right direction.

Unsure of which direction to go?

Unsure of which direction to go?

Preventing Value Leakage when exiting an Agreement

Even the best IT Strategy changes and renders an existing agreement obsolete. All Supplier agreements eventually come to an end.

  • Expiration of an existing agreement
  • Migration to new technology (Cloud Strategy, etc.)
  • Change of Control (either Supplier or Client merges, dissolves, or exits the business)
  • Significant change event (business downturn, partial termination, etc.)
  • Termination for cause or convenience
  • Repatriating services (insourcing of previously outsourced services)

Vendor Management: Building the Business Case

Events like these are difficult, risky, and require precise planning and execution.

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What is the cash flow impact? Bubble costs?
  • Can Adaptive Sourcing drive innovation?
  • Do I have the right personnel and resources?
  • Which services should be migrated first?
  • Who will own the assets?
  • How large of a support organization is required?
  • What is the impact to third party vendors such as telco and maintenance?

Fine Line is a veteran of several once-in-a-lifetime termination events. We have the experience to build early financial forecasts for planning, understand the intricacies of designing a holistic transition plan, and can manage the change in operating model.