Adaptive Sourcing Consulting

Save 30%-50% over traditional sourcing and create a culture of innovation. 

Adaptive Sourcing compared to Traditional RFP

1 in 4 clients are not satisfied with their outsourcing initiative. The #1 reason? Lack of innovation. The Provider's solution remains static while the Client's business is dynamic. 

4 Quadrants of Adaptive Sourcing

Adaptive Sourcing: Driving Innovation

Adaptive Sourcing defines swim-lanes of responsibility that are designed to adjust over time with Client business requirements. The key are Fine Line's Adaptive Sourcing KPI's that connect business outcomes with service delivery. 

Adaptive Sourcing replaces the RFP

The traditional 1000-page RFP is great when you know exactly what you will need in 3+ years. Unfortunately, the technology evolution highway is not well defined. Fine Line's Adaptive Sourcing process quickly identifies qualified solution providers with open-ended, business-relevant objectives that quickly drive toward a final agreement. 

Adaptive Sourcing Process