IT Outsourcing Consultant - IT Strategy and Sourcing Strategy Readiness Analysis

IT Strategy: What is your Sourcing Strategy?

Fine Line's has worked with dozens of clients to reorganize and optimize their operating model, primarily in ITSM-related functions which gives us a hands-on perspective on what works, and what breaks. It's a critical part of vendor management for any global organization

Sourcing Strategy

Fine Line Advisors ITSM Healthcheck Framework

Fine Line Advisors ITSM Healthcheck Framework

IT Strategy and Sourcing Readiness gives an outside perspective is whether your enterprise is deriving value from the Services - Healthcheck measures the output of the Services regardless of whether your environment is outsourced; insourced; out-tasked; or (more likely), a blend of operating model.

A 6-10 week engagement (depending on scope) where we use proprietary templates and process:

  • Interviews: approximately 15-25 interviews from both the IT delivery teams and the Business Unit end users
  • Data Gathering across key indices of the enterprise.
    • Financial Information
    • Operational Information
    • Compliance Information
  • Operating Model - RACI of how your enterprise is organized, use of Suppliers, global placement, etc.

 Fine Line views the ITIL Service Domains across three filters

  • People. Are there adequate knowledge resources? Training? Use of global leverage where applicable?
  • Processes. Are there sufficiently mature processes in place? Are proper tests conducted? Governance processes in place? Is there a plan for future investments?
  • Tools. Appropriate use of automation? Incidents captured promptly and accurately?

IT Strategy Readout

We will prepare about 100-pages of analysis and observations which will be presented in a 3-hour readout session to clearly let you know where your IT Strategy is long, and where it's short. And your sourcing strategy will be evaluated. Readout will include:

IT Strategy

  • Maturity Assessment for each of the major domains in the chart below
    • Vendor Management approach
    • Gap analysis
    • Recommended actions
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Financial summary and observations (high level market comparison)
  • Productivity measurements

Sourcing Readiness

We divide the ITSM environment into up to 100 slices across 10 domains; then view those across three filters.