DEAL COACH: For Must-Win RFPs, know what your Customer is thinking.

Winning is not always about having the best solution or even the best price. You must present yourself well, and not getting tripped-up as they feel their way through the darkness of an Advised RFP. Sadly, very few Suppliers actually know precisely why they were eliminated because clients are rarely candid. Its the worst case scenario: a Supplier has spent between $500,000 and $2,000,000 on a pursuit that was winnable and has nothing to show for the loss.

  • ISG Expert - Put your competitors at a disadvantage with an inside track on what your customer is thinking
  • Voice-of-the-Customer for any advised deal (Alsbridge, KPMG, Deloitte,  Avasant, etc.)
  • Loss Review - find out what went wrong so you can end the cycle
  • Negotiation Support - winning negotiation strategy and execution

A Deal Coach will improve your win ratio.

Fine Line's Peter Pisciotta spent 10-years as a senior director with ISG where led their MNS practice. He has spent thousands of hours with clients guiding them through sourcing decisions - he knows how they make decisions, he knows the habits and patterns of many Suppliers because he has negotiated over $12-billion in deals. Prior, he was a senior solution's architect with a outsource service provider where he triaged all major opportunities that came in the door. He knows the buy-side, the sell-side, and the competitive landscape for complex sourcing deals.

Tiger Woods has a coach to prepare for big-money events. So should you.

  • ISG Deal Expertise. Specialized knowledge on ISG tactics, the real evaluation metrics, how to negotiate SLAs, how to gain client confidence, and other tips.
  • Mock Jury.  Before you give a client an important deliverable or presentation, have us serve as a customer-surrogate. Consider this: would a politician go into an important debate without having first practiced with a surrogate?
  • Non-ISG Advised Deals. Ever feel like Advised deals are hand-cuffs? We can help create a trusting and beneficial relationship with Advisors. While we have 10-years experience with ISG's methodology, we have also worked against and alongside other advisories including Alsbridge, KPMG, Deloitte, or any of the other large advisories, we can help improve your win ratio immensely.
  • Post-loss Review. The Supplier - especially the sales' team - is in the worst position to do a proper postmortem. Clients are not candid. Sales teams are eternally optimistic. Not only has a Supplier just blown $1,000,000 on a pursuit, but there is very little useful information for corrective behaviors Use Fine Line's Peter Pisciotta as an unbiased 3rd Party to get a full forensic review on why that RFP you had in the bag went to a competitor, and what you can do in the future to stop the bleeding early.

Responding to a complex Services RFP can cost millions of dollars. Make the most of the investment. Hire an expert to give you an unbiased viewpoint; someone who has spent 10,000's of hours on the buy-side listening to clients debrief on 100's of Supplier presentations and proposals.