Speed Sourcing

Fast Sourcing Advisory.

Getting 80% of the answer in 20% of the time.

Recent research suggests that when Suppliers respond to an RFP, additional detailed requirements increase the Supplier's solution pricing by over 10% without providing additional value. Since the RFP is the prized procurement tool for getting the best price, this seems counter-intuitive.

Fine Line has several go-to-market strategies for Managed Services

Fine Line has several go-to-market strategies for Managed Services

An RFP is fine when you know exactly what you want to buy. But if the scope changes, or you err on the side of caution and over-burden the requirements, or if the market is changing quickly, an RFP can be overkill.

Fine Line has developed a process to get the Supplier's best thinking early on. Key is a well defined process with well defined expectations.

Fine Line Speed Sourcing delivers:

  • Key solution attributes from each Suplier
  • Indicative financials and commercials
  • General timeline for transition and/or transformation
  • Client requirements
  • Soft benefits - Client gets strong sense of Supplier capabilities and suitability.

After the Speed Source?

It's up to you. There are several possible scenarios:

  • Terminate the process - solution does not present a compelling value proposition
  • Select one or two Suppliers to enter into contract negotiations
  • Validate solution - establish a pilot program or test program
  • RFP - inform an RFP and issue to a select number of Suppliers
  • Beginning of Adaptive Sourcing process.