Why is a framework important? Because no two situations are alike so adaptability and flexibility are key to unlocking value and increasing service delivery performance.

Fine Line Network Services Framework

Fine Line's Framework is a sensible approach whereby

  1. Identify Business Requirements. Capture client outcomes and performance requirements. Frequently, this information feeds statements of work and KPIs.
  2. Define an Operating Model. Forward-looking enterprises have recovered from the recession by being much more precise in how they align themselves; and how they align their service providers.
  3. Scope alignment. Finding the right blend of scope elements to drive innovation and support the Operating Model. This varies by client culture, and client industry: Retail clients have a different alignment than financial service clients.
  4. Service Delivery Model. The resulting service delivery model - a blend of client resources and selected service providers - is optimized over time across operational performance and financial performance metrics.
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