Adaptive Sourcing

1 of 4 Clients admit their Supplier's delivery is poor. Is the 1000 page RFP working?

Legacy Sourcing Advisors introduced the 1000+ page RFP 30-years ago. The premise is that exhaustive task lists and highly specific obligations result in a successful relationship. But it also results in a 5-10 year long relationship.

If the 1000 page RFP works so well, why isn't it more successful? Fine Line has developed a collaborative process that facilitates a joint solution. It's fast, effective, and adapts over time.

Supplier Termination Planning

52% of Clients have terminated an Outsource Agreement early.

Terminating a supplier is risky, expensive, and distracting. We can provide:

  • Initial feasibility and planning
  • Business case with exit costs
  • New internal operating model
  • Negotiation support
  • Re-sourcing support
  • Transition management

Sourcing Advisory/RFP Support

15-years and $12-billion experience at rates 20% lower than legacy  firms.

While we are early adopters of Adaptive Sourcing and advocate highly collaborative solutions, sometimes the old fashioned RFP makes sense.

Legacy Sourcing Advisors have moved to a leveraged delivery model, often with very junior analysts expected to run the deal. Have an experienced senior advisor at your side with Fine Line