Unified Communications Strategy: Revised sourcing strategy delivers 18% savings

Client Situation:

Recently merged client doing business in 38-countries requires integrated communications platform tied to universal directory. Client seeks to move to a highly mobile workforce with elevated use of "hotel-cubicle" space.


IP Telephony; Cisco Call Manager transformation for global business services client.

Fine Line Solution:

Using our Adaptive Sourcing approach as part of Fine Line's Vendor Management Best Practices research, we worked with our client to develop a requirements' document in approximately 2-weeks; including go-to-market strategy to work with four different Suppliers and Cisco to develop a flexible solution. Investment requirements were offset by savings from automated processes; and operational savings from displacing legacy maintenance approach to a centralized, software-driven model.


Developed a business plan with ROI/breakeven within 48-months for a large transformation while driving 18% savings for communications, including conferencing, etc.