Path between the clouds

Path between the clouds

50% Contact Center savings through improved Sourcing Strategy and Vendor Management approach

Client Situation:

Hospitality sector client specializing in fractional ownership units, an especially hard-hit business during the recession. Outbound Contact Center - the client's lifeblood - was aging and had several single points of failure that had already caused significant disruption.


Contact center infrastructure, Data Center infrastructure, Workforce Management software (WFM), staffing.

Fine Line Solution:

Initial assessment revealed several critical deficiencies that would put the business at risk ("one bad day away from a bad year"). Recommended investment strategy, including capital improvements. Developed long term business case using efficiencies from Workforce Management implementation to offset costs.


Moved from capital-intensive model to a hosted/cloud consumption-based model that allow the client great flexibility. Reduced Contact Center labor from over 800 FTE by over 50%, to under 350 FTE.