Cloud Strategy for Data Center

Client Situation:

An arms-length subsidiary of a much larger company and under a data center outsource contract with a Tier 1 service provider, hi-growth client needed to re-evaluate the strategy.


Data Center, Cloud/Hosting Center, Disaster Recovery, assets and maintenance.

Long path

Long path

Fine Line Solution:

Gap analysis revealed service delivery was well below market; and costs for some elements were well above market (shared storage was significantly higher than market). Conducted a 10-week market test (RFP-lite), and ultimately chose incumbent service provider under dramatically different terms, including a transformation to a new platform.


Developed a tiered-services strategy to ultimately drive to a 1:1:1 mix (1/3rd hardened data center; 1/3rd hosted data center; and 1/3rd into a cloud environment). Business case showed cost reductions of over 30%. Reduction in storage costs alone funded the project, including upgraded equipment.