Peter Pisciotta

Managing Partner/Owner

Peter has spent the last 15 years on both sides of the Sourcing Advisory table as a Senior Solution Architect for a global supplier; and as a Director leading the Network Services division for ISG, the world's largest Sourcing Advisory consulting firm.

After years of aggressively advocating for his clients, Peter developed a new concept of Sourcing Advisory based on collaboration - Adaptive Sourcing, which returned him to his roots of collaborative contracting to assist start-up ventures to focus on a technology-focused value proposition: he has helped over 300 clients obtain patent protection for new concepts.


David Senior

Client Partner; Telecommunications Sourcing & Procurement

David is one of the most respected Telecommunication Sourcing negotiators in the business. He has over 27-years of experience negotiating some of the largest telecommunications procurement projects in the world.

After a successful career as AT&T's foremost negotiator, he co-found TechCaliber where he put his knowledge to work for enterprise clients for contracts up to $5-billion in value.

David has also worked for TPI and Cannon Group where he provided clients with expert insight into the murky world of telecommunications costs, rates, fees, surcharges, benchmarking, and other cost terms that obscure pricing.

Carriers work hard to ensnare clients in a web of contractual limits that erode leverage. Let's face it: Carriers benefit from utilizing legacy infrastructure that has long since been depreciated which can stifle client innovation. David's industry knowledge is your best defense against entanglement.