Retiring Data Centers: Getting to Cloud

Large corporations have spent 30+ years and trillions of dollars developing hardened data centers.

Now, the enterprise Data Center as we know it, is endangered. It is a boat-anchor that is slow and stodgy. The traditional enterprise Data Center operates measures time in days and weeks, but customer responsiveness requires agility measured in minutes and seconds. 

  • Change is expensive: Fast? Slow? 
  • Is there a sustainable business case?
  • Selecting the right Suppliers for your needs
  • Re-negotiating your current Data Center outsource agreement.
  • Building a dependable Business Plan.

Fine Line Advisors helps navigate the boundary layer between business and technology. We are not technologists - the world is full of tech-wonks. We help you make the right decision for your needs, and guide you through executing your plan. We are not technologists, but experts at leading your team through the right decision for your firm and resources; and we have the best credentials in the industry at contracting with suppliers to deliver results.

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